Everybody has a story to tell. Throughout the years, it has brought me unparallelled joy and fulfillment to seek out these stories, hear them, and find the best way to retell them with my clients.

As I discovered through my catastrophic tries at art, the mediums of pen, pencil, and paints are not present in my storytelling toolbox. Luckily, my affinity for documentaries has lent to taking well to filmmaking with a little practice. And thanks to filmmaking, I have grown a deep love for photography. You see, documentary filmmaking and photography do much the same thing, but in slightly different ways; they both take something that is real and capture it for all to see.

Here you will find my portfolio spanning seven years exploring my clients’ stories through photography. You will see stories of family, engagements, and weddings. Here and there, you will also find tidbits to get to know me a little better before we talk.

One-off sessions start at $135 for basic, low volume sessions and go up from there. Weddings featuring two shooters start at $2,200. Please send all inquiries to info@shuttersensor.com or use the form below.

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    October 1, 2020

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